Where to exchange gift cards for cash ?

Como cambiar tarjetas regalo por efectivo

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Gift cards for cash, this exchange has become the best option for those cards you don’t plan to use. We will show you some options on how you can exchange those gift cards for cash..

What is a Gift Card?

Gift Cards are a kind of debit or credit card preloaded with a specific amount of money, which allows its holder to redeem the balance with which the card is loaded for a certain good in a specific store or a service offered by a platform.
Gift Cards consist of alphanumeric codes that arrive to your email once you have paid for the card, these codes can be redeemed physically at the cashier of the store where the card was purchased or online at the official site of the store-platform to which the card belongs.

Currently, gift cards have positioned themselves as one of the most frequent options when it comes to giving a gift to our loved ones, but they are also positioning themselves as an opportunity to generate income with them by selling them, due to their high purchase rate. If this is your case, and you have some gift cards that you do not want to use, or you want to generate income selling gift cards, pay attention to the following information.

How to exchange gift cards for cash?

One of the most frequent options when exchanging gift cards for cash is to sell them, there are pages that offer to buy your card directly or allow you to offer it to the public.
There are several platforms that allow you to perform this process; this time we want you to test our platform Kodebix, as we are a platform with a broad portfolio of digital products, where anyone can buy and sell their products. We are consolidating as a highly recommended platform where you can exchange your gift cards for cash.

Benefits of selling your gift cards on Kodebix

  • Create your online store: if you have unused gift cards, and you want to sell them, or you want to become a large scale gift card seller, at Kodebix we offer you the option to create your store within our platform, so you can display a catalog of the products you offer directly to buyers.
  • We accept different payment methods: the platform accepts different payment methods, therefore, when selling your cards you can accept different payment methods, this is a great help for buyers, as the limitations in payment methods on these platforms used to be common.
  • Our prices are competitive: the prices we offer in Kodebix compete with other platforms, this allows to benefit the buyer and the seller.
  • Our processes are very abbreviated: the processes of registration, store creation, as well as buying and selling cards, are very easy and quick to carry out. A relief for buyers and sellers tired of unnecessarily long and complex procedures.

Exchange your gift card for cash at Kodebix

To exchange your gift cards for cash the best option is to sell them on Kodebix, it’s a very simple process;

  • You register: you create your store on Kodebix to sell your cards. 
  • Validate your Identity: you send your identity documents and add your bank details, in which you will receive payments
  • Create your product: describe the card you are going to sell.
  • Done: you can easily start selling on Kodebix and exchange your gift cards for cash.
como cambiar tarjetas regalo por efectivo

As we have already seen, exchanging your gift cards for cash is very easy and simple. We invite you to create your Kodebix account and sell those unused cards or generate income by becoming a large scale gift card seller, and explore all the benefits that this silver form has for you.

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