Steam card Colombia

Steam Card Colombia

Important note: The Steam card Colombia sold at Kodebix is a digital code. The code can only be used according to your wallet configuration.

What is the Steam Card Colombia (COP)?

The Steam Colombia gift card sold on kodebix is a digital Code that is sent to your user account and email.
The Steam card Colombia is an alphanumeric code that with a specific amount you add to your funds in your Steam Wallet Colombia account. longer have to register your credit card with Prime Video. Just add the digital code and you’re ready to go.

Steam Wallet Code (COP) can be used to add balance to Steam Wallet. It is usable by all Valve Steam users with Colombian Peso steam wallet.

Important: Steam users only allowed to redeem the Steam Wallet Code according to your original Steam Wallet’s currency settings.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is one of the most popular gaming platforms to play your favorite games. Gamers can choose from thousands of titles, including bestsellers, indie hits, casual favorites, Dota 2 items, PUBG, CSGO, Team Fortress 2 items and more.

With Steam Card Colombia Codes, you can access thousands of games – from Action to Indie and everything in between – is now super easy. Just add credit to your Steam account, which you can easily purchase here at Kodebix. You no longer need a credit card on Steam to add funds to your Steam Wallet. It works just like a gift certificate, redeem games, software and more on the Steam platform.

Steam card Colombia code wallet

Advantages of STEAM

  • With over thousands of games, enjoy exclusive offers, automatic game updates and other great benefits found only on Steam.
  • Join gaming groups, meet new people, form clans and chat in-game. With over 75 million users, make friends and have fun with them!
  • Gift and trade items with your friends and create new game content on Steam Workshop. Increase the popularity of your favorite games and help shape the future of gaming.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Steam on your PC, Mac, Linux, mobile device and even your TV!

What is the Steam Card Colombia?

The Steam card Colombia is a STEAM prepaid money code that allows you to deposit and recharge the indicated value in your Steam account balance, which you can use to buy your favorite games. Choose from the best titles, from current bestsellers, blockbusters, to the best of the indies.

Steam Card Colombia Frequently Asked Questions

Once the payment is completed, the seller will send your code as a note attached to the order. You can find it by visiting your Kodebix user account and clicking on the corresponding order. You can also see the code in the delivery email inbox. If the estimated delivery time offered by the seller has expired and you still have not received your Steam Card Colombia code, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Follow the steps below to redeem Steam Wallet Code:

  1. Login to your Steam account.
  2. Go to Redeem a Steam Wallet Code page.
  3. Click “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”
  4. Enter the Steam Wallet Code copied from your Kodebix account and click Continue.
  5. The funds will be added to your account and be ready for use to buy games on STEAM!

Yes, it is safe. Kodebix is a multi-seller platform, but we only release funds to the seller when we are sure that the buyer is satisfied with the purchase. Be sure to use the Steam Card Colombia codes within 24 hours.

Generally the values of the Seam gift Card Colombia are:

  • 5000 COP
  • 10.000 COP
  • 20.000 COP
  • 50.000 COP

How does it work?

  1. Make payment
  2. Seller is notified
  3. The seller sends the code by email and in the order
  4. You go to the corresponding platform and redeem the code. You have 24 hours to do it. After that time the escrow is finished and the seller receives the money.
  5. Enjoy the code
  6. If you do not receive the correct product you get your money back.

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