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Spotify gift Card

Important note: The Spotify gift card sold on Kodebix is a digital code. The code can only be used in accordance with your account settings.

What is spotify

Spotify is a popular digital music streaming service that allows users to access a vast library of songs, albums, and playlists from various artists and genres. It was founded in April 2006 in Sweden and has since grown to become one of the leading music platforms in the world.

Spotify offers both free and premium subscription options. With a free account, users can listen to music but will have to tolerate ads and have limited control over playback. On the other hand, a premium subscription removes ads, allows offline listening, and offers other features like higher audio quality and the ability to skip tracks without limitations.

Una de las principales características de Spotify es su sistema de recomendaciones personalizadas que sugiere música en función del historial de escucha y las preferencias del usuario. Además, los usuarios pueden crear y compartir listas de reproducción con amigos, seguir a otros usuarios o artistas y descubrir nueva música a través de diversas listas de reproducción y emisoras de radio.

How do spotify gift cards work?

Las tarjetas regalo Spotify funcionan como tarjetas prepago que pueden canjearse por una suscripción Spotify Premium o utilizarse para comprar artículos en la tienda Spotify. Así es como suelen funcionar:

  • Purchase: You can buy a Spotify gift card on Kodebix. These cards usually come in different denominations, allowing you to choose the value you want to give someone.
  • Redeem: To redeem the gift card, the recipient (or you, if you are the recipient) must find in your email or order details the unique code sent by the seller. This code will be needed during the redemption process.
  • Activation: The gift card can be activated by visiting the official Spotify website or using the Spotify mobile app. Look for the “Redeem” or “Gift Cards” section in the app settings.
  • Redeem subscription: If the gift card is for a Spotify Premium subscription, enter the unique code in the corresponding field during the redemption process. Once redeemed, the amount of the gift card will be added to the recipient’s Spotify account, who will have access to Spotify Premium features for the specified time, depending on the value of the gift card.
  • In-store purchases: if the gift card allows in-store Spotify purchases (of products or other items), the amount redeemed may be used to purchase those items directly.
  • Limitations: Please note that gift cards may have certain limitations, such as expiration dates or country-specific restrictions, so be sure to check the merchant’s terms and conditions and those determined by Spotify on its legal pages.

Frequently asked questions about the Spotify gift card

Kodebix is a marketplace that offers multiple sellers competing with each other, this brings many benefits to the buyer such as the following:

  • This gives you access to a wide variety of products in one place.
  • You can compare prices and find the best deal available.
  • Competition also improves the quality of customer service.
  • Sellers strive to provide an exceptional experience.
  • Enjoy more choices, better prices and excellent service on our platform.

Do not panic. Take note of the error code and contact the seller by creating a ticket or sending a message from your Kodebix account. The seller will help you resolve it, if not please contact us and we will help you immediately.

  • The country or region setting on your account must match the location where the gift card was purchased.
  • You can only redeem up to 18 months of Premium time on your account.

Important: Please read the seller’s terms and conditions carefully as digital codes are non-refundable. Make sure to choose a Spotify gift card from the region or country of your account.

  • Log in to
  • Enter the code received in the email.
  • Click Redeem.
  • Start enjoying

If you purchase a gift card in the United States, the card can only be redeemed in the United States. You will not be able to redeem a card purchased internationally in another country unless you create an account in that country or use a VPN.

Spotify gift cards sold on Kodebix are in electronic format. You can gift an individual Spotify Premium subscription of one, three, six or 12 months. If you already have a subscription, the gift card can be used from the next payment date.

How does it work?

  1. Make payment
  2. Seller is notified
  3. The seller sends the code by email and in the order
  4. You go to the corresponding platform and redeem the code. You have 24 hours to do it. After that time the escrow is finished and the seller receives the money.
  5. Enjoy the code
  6. If you do not receive the correct product you get your money back.

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