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Kodebix is your ideal partner

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Sell your leftover virtual game gift cards to a player in another part of the world.


Sell your unused gift cards from any online store in minutes.


Sell your digital codes to subscribe to your platform or training program.

Why choose us

Here are the most important reasons why Kodebix is an exceptional choice for selling your unused gift cards

Fast payments

We release your funds 24 hours after the end of the sale.

Low commissions

You will hardly notice the commissions

Means of withdrawal

Multiple means of withdrawal according to your country

Other incredible advantages

Seller protection program

Direct contact with your customer

You own your customer data

Detailed earnings statistics

Seo positioning for your online store

You build your brand and reputation

Quick account validation

Professional seller profile

Benefits according to sales level

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sell digital gift card codes, and licenses of any kind, as long as they are legal and not piracy.

Yes, it is very safe. We are here to mediate between the buyer and the seller, and we have developed a sophisticated methodology and system to prevent fraud.

A few minutes after the sale we ask the buyer to confirm the quality of the product received. If he does so and everything is in order, we immediately release the funds. Sellers may also ask the buyer to confirm that they have received the product to their satisfaction in order to release the funds. In extreme cases, when it is not possible to contact the buyer in any way, funds are released within 24 hours.

We charge a small commission of 10%. This commission is lower than any other similar platform. There are no hidden costs or other commissions for sellers. This value can change at any time.

To publish and sell gift cards and other digital codes on Kodebix, you must first verify your or your company’s identity.

We take our responsibility seriously to maintain the safety of our community and to comply with legal restrictions.  For this reason, some items, services, and conducts are restricted or completely prohibited on Kodebix.

In general, it is forbidden to sell:

  • Gift cards or membership codes for pornographic sites

  • Any code that is not original or is misleading

  • Pirated software

  • Used codes
  • Accounts that involve handing over data such as email and passwords
  • Beta versions of software
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Gift cards that cannot be redeemed online, such as those that require presence in a physical store.

This is just a summary, to see the full list, please read this help article.

Initially, you can post up to 15 ads, depending on the number of sales we will expand this number to infinity.
You must make sure that your ads are not spam, otherwise your listings will be filtered and we may even cancel your seller account.

Currently, you can make withdrawals through:

  • USDT
  • AirUSD
  • Paypal
  • Binance Pay
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