Gift Card PUBG 6000 plus 2100 UC Virtual PIN Colombia

Receive your virtual PIN gift card (Code) PUBG in your e-Mail instantly and enjoy the diversity and robustness of the platform.


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PUBG Gift Card 6000+2100 UC Virtual PIN Colombia


Are you thinking of getting started in the Battle Royale game, known as PUBG Mobile?

Well here you will have the opportunity to purchase the PUBG UC Gift Card here. You receive the Gif card in your Email.

The gif card PUBG Mobile UC gift has really transformed the game, making it easier than ever for players to unlock its entire offering.

What benefits do I get?

You can improve the appearance of the character, also express yourself through gestures and / or simply enjoy a more personalized experience, invest in a PUBG MOBILE UC gift card, for the doors of the ultimate adventure.

Is the PUBG Mobile card an excellent option?

PUBG code is an excellent choice for those who want to manage their spending limits, surprise a fellow PUBG Mobile player or make a thoughtful gift for a passionate gamer. With PUBG UC gift cards, you can browse the in-game store and buy new items, safe in the knowledge that you will only spend a predetermined amount of money. You may wonder what is PUBG MOBILE?

What is PUBG MOBILE for?

PUBG is a battle royale game, with a deathmatch dynamic, in which everyone faces each other and there is only one winner, the last player alive. It can be played in small groups or in teams, but in any case, the last person or team alive will win the game.

What requirements do I need to play PUBG?

  • You need a basic Internet.
  • Operating system on Android and IO.S mobile devices and PC.
  • Available on the computer 1.5 GB minimum, because the game weighs 1GB.
  • Now that you have the pin, redeem it at the following link

How to redeem the PUBG virtual PIN?

  • Log in to this website
  • Click on redeem code
  • Enter the requested data, Character ID, redemption code and verification code.
  • Redeem

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