Card AstroPay 20 USD

Purchase an AstroPay Card. This card works similar to a conventional debit card. Use it to recharge the world’s leading sports betting platforms or online purchases at partner merchants.


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Card AstroPay 20 USD

Buy a 20 USD AstroPay Card here and receive it in 5 minutes by email. Redeem directly on the website where you want to pay securely and privately, you don’t need to share your personal or financial details to use this card online. AstroPay is accepted by many online gaming and entertainment sites around the world. Buy your prepaid credit here with a few clicks and use it immediately.


Available balance:

$20.00 USD

Where do I see my AstroPay card after payment?

As soon as the transaction is confirmed, you will receive the card in your Astropay account or in the email with your card information; as requested in the purchase. If you still have questions, feel free to write to us on Telegram.


What is AstroPay?
  • AstroPay is a payment solution accepted at hundreds of international sites for consumers who want to shop online. It works like an E-Card or prepaid credit card, but it does not belong to any card franchise, but rather works with its own system.
  • Thousands of video game, betting or digital service sites accept this payment method. It is very popular because it does not store bank details making your purchases private.
  • The AstroPay card balance is not reloadable, however you can buy another virtual card on Kodebix and use it for payments as needed.


How to pay with AstroPay?

Simply select AstroPay as your payment method on the website where you wish to shop. If applicable, enter the exact amount you wish to deposit. Then, enter the 16-digit code in the corresponding field. Your funds will be immediately deducted from your card balance to make the payment. The card works without a CVV code and without an expiration date.


Frequently asked questions about AstroPay cards

Can this card be used for purchases anywhere credit cards are accepted?
No, this card does not correspond to any credit card franchise and therefore only works in places where it is explicitly indicated that AstroPay is accepted as a method of payment. Before you buy, make sure the site you’re going to use it on accepts AstroPay.

In which countries does this card work?
This card contains a USD balance and works on all websites that accept AstroPay as a means of payment, regardless of the country in which they are located.

Where can I use AstroPay?
You can use the card to pay securely and privately at your favorite online gaming and entertainment sites. And how do I know which ones accept AstroPay? It is best to check directly with each website before making a transaction.

Do I have to spend my entire AstroPay balance at once?

It is not necessary to spend all the credit at once. Pay what you need at all times, because the remaining balance will appear in your account for future payments.


Is this card reloadable?


No, this digital card cannot be reloaded. But if you need more credit, just buy a new one on Kodebix.

When does my AstroPay card expire?
This card expires 1 year after purchase, so you have a full 12 months to enjoy it. For more information on this payment solution, please refer to its Terms and Conditions.


Where do I contact you if I have a problem with my AstroPay card?

Kodebix does not control or issue the cards and therefore cannot offer support on the use of the cards. If you have any problems after receiving the card, please contact AstroPay directly in the contact section. They have a very efficient support.
How many AstroPay cards can I buy in one order?
You can buy everything you need in the same order.
Do I have any benefits when buying wholesale?
The cards have the same value regardless of the amount.

How long does it take to receive the AstroPay card after paying?
Take a few minutes. As soon as the payment has a confirmation, you will receive the card, usually within 1 hour.


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