Product language

The product is published in the language you are working in. Example; if you are browsing in English and click on publish product, the product will be published in English. If you want to publish a product in Spanish, just set the page in Spanish and click on upload product.

Important aspects to take into account #

  1. It is not necessary to publish the products in several languages, just publish them in your favorite language and we will translate them into other languages.
  2. The translation of the products by us may take a few days, in the meantime the product will only be visible in the original language.
  3. Products you post in English will only be visible in the admin and in the store when you are in English, the same applies to all languages. If you don’t see a product you have already published, change the language and you should now see it.
  4. Publish the product in the language that is most likely to sell. You can use tools such as Google Keyword planner to know the amount of searches according to the language.
  5. If you do not want us to translate any of your products, please contact us.
  6. Currently, the platform only supports English and Spanish. If neither is your native language, we recommend that you publish in English.