Product image

The image is the most important part of your product, so take the time to create it. We have pre-designed a free template on to make it easier for you. Check the template here:


Follow these recommendations to create the product image: #


  • The image must have a white background
  • The image should be square with a size of 600×600 pixels.
  • The ideal format for the image to retain quality is WebP. You can create the image in Canva, download it in PNG format and convert it to WebP on a site like
  • If you add text or logos, try to leave some space around the edges of the image (padding).

As a last recommendation we ask you to delete the images you no longer use from your media panel. This helps us to keep the server light. To delete them, simply highlight them and click on the “Delete permanently” text on the right.


kodebix, delete image
kodebix, delete image
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