Buyer guarantees

All purchases made on KODEBIX are protected for free, and our KODEBIX Guarantee guarantees that you will get the item as described or we will refund your money.

Buyers can use the KODEBIX Warranty when:

  • They don’t get an article.
  • They get an article that doesn’t work
  • They receive an article that does not match the advertisement description.

Most sellers work with buyers to solve problems quickly, but if no solution is found, we can help.

Do the following if the item delivered is not as described or does not work:

  1. Contact the seller and let them know the problem, what happened and the means to return the item and/or any other results that you and the seller agree.
  2. Contact the support of KODEBIX using mail, you must specify the problem you have, followed by a brief explanation of the situation.
  3. This will allow KODEBIX support to review your case and help you resolve the transaction. If we need more information to validate your claim, we will email you requesting specific information to do so. Once we can verify that the item is covered by our KODEBIX Buyer’s Warranty or any other resolution between you and the Seller, we will authorize the refund of the purchase.

What is not covered


  • Buyer’s regret or any other reason other than not receiving an item, receiving an item that does not match the advertisement description or that does not work (see our returns policy for more information).
  • Transactions made outside our platform are strictly prohibited by our Terms of Use and will not be covered by our Buyer Protection Guarantee.

Refunds to buyers

All refunds will be made for the exact amount and payment method with which the original transaction was processed.

Fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims may include:

  • A buyer submitting a chargeback after receiving the purchased item
  • A buyer who files a chargeback after receiving a refund knowingly

Buyers who file fraudulent claims are subject to the consequences and we reserve the right to permanently suspend the buyer’s account under the KODEBIX Guarantee.

Other terms

  • Buyer will have 3 days from the item being marked as received to file a dispute under the KODEBIX Warranty.
  • If we do not receive the requested information within 48 business hours from the Buyer, the claim may be rejected and the KODEBIX Warranty lost as a result of not providing sufficient evidence to validate the dispute. Not responding to any emails within the stated time period may also consider that the issue was resolved and may result in the dispute being lifted.
  • Buyers and sellers allow us to make final decisions on all cases, including appeals.
  • We may provide buyers and sellers with access to each other’s names and contact information related to a request.
  • The KODEBIX Warranty is not a product warranty.